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Annual Maintenance Contract Computers |Laptop Repair Mumbai

et an annual maintenances contract with us and rest a cushion under your pc and a pillow under your head.

A year ago you purchased a computer and since then all your work just happens through your fingertips. Your business is highly reliable on your computer; you wouldn’t want anything going wrong with your finance generating machine. You don’t want to face a problem at the nth hour. Thus, to keep you save and your work secure we from SSI are here to help you. We provide you annual maintenance contract (AMC) department. Here we take care of your machine always keep it maintained. Any problem with your machine during the AMC period is not you problem it ours and we tend to solve it.

Cure your computer before it’s too late. To care and cure your computer SSI (Sai Sales Infotech) has set up an exclusive center. Here we aim to offer you cheap and best services to our clients for our well experienced engineers. You can phone us whenever you need.

Our efficient team is always honored to help you with their knowledge you may now no more have sleepless nights and rest a pillow under your head , cause we are here to rest a cushion under your PC. 

Call us at our AMC helpline :+91 8080051550 for more AMC details.

The AMCS’ differ from one pc to another based on the configuration.  We give you the quotation after scrutinizing your pc configurations. Our AMC’s are at an affordable price with maximum efficiency. We make sure our services are quick and efficient. We can fulfill your needs of spare parts too. Should you need any of the above services or any of the above mentioned equipment’s, kindly do feel free to contact us or send us details of your computer setup and our professionals shall visit you soon with details.

Rates??? They are not an issue for you. We offer extremely cheap rates as compared to other service providers in INDIA. With being amazing we are also affordable. In our scheme you only pay for the spare parts while the service coast is absolutely free.

The modes of payment include check or cash. We are sorry to say but credit cards or debit cards are not acceptable. We are with the hopes that in near future we won’t be sorry for this.

Labor charges: You have to pay them only initially.

Parts Charges: Our staff will aware you about the cost of parts before they begin the repair.

If you have any cost limit, our efficient staff will speak to about the ways of working out within your limits value. Value- added customer services always are a priority.

In most cases, the entire process generally takes 24 - 48 hours from receiving your laptop.

We keep your Laptops working !!!
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